Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last Night's Visit

So, the Doctor came in late last night to tell us that the test results showed that Dave's heart is only acting at about 8-10%. As well as that he has not been able to take the one "needed" drug to make his heart function outside the hospital. Doctor Fowler said this was disappointing to him because he helped create that drug. :) So right now he is "shocking" his heart with this new IV drug and then we will see how he reacts, but Doctor Fowler said the idea of treating this with medicine is quickly fading and he is pretty positive that a transplant will occur. We should know the outcome of this in the next day or so. If they put him on the list like they are anticipating we will not be able to leave the hospital, he can't function without these meds. The doctor is hopeful that we will get a heart as soon as two weeks.

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