Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28th, 2009

Some good news today, the doctor really likes how Dave is responding to the new IV drug, so he wants to try the other meds one more time before making a decision. He will probably wait until Friday to try that again. So here are the two possible scenarios at this point.

A) If Dave responds well to the drugs they will insert a pace maker and a defibrillator into his heart to keep him from "sudden death", then they will send him home to basically wait it out until we can't wait it out any longer, his heart gets worse, or he just doesn't recover in a timely basis. With this plan he will not be on the transplant list.

B) If he doesn't respond to the drugs again, they won't waste any time and will put him right on the list as the highest priority for a new heart.

So right now it is a waiting game, we will know more after they start him on the other meds this weekend probably. He had a really good day today, color in his cheeks, eating well, peeing out that fluid, etc. He said he felt really good today as well, not as sluggish. So lets see how this plays out.....


  1. Hey guys, it's Donna Murren. First of all, as long as it's okay...give the tall boy a big hug for me! My family is praying for you all.
    Isn't God amazing? He takes us on incredible journeys that are sometimes so uplifting that we're certain they can only be from Him, and some are so frightening that all we can do is cling to Him. But isn't it amazing how he draws us to Himself?
    I'm praying that you all cling to the Lord and trust He is with you, will not leave you, nor fosake you...He promised! God bless you all...

  2. Please tell Dave that Mrs. Alley says please get yourself well quick. He is supposed to marry our daughter. HAHA, (he will understand.) :) He is in our family's hearts and prayers as are you.