Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday January 27th 2009

Ok, so here is where I will begin our daily blogs, or more about Dave's journey through this time.

Yesterday they did an MRI, which showed that the heart was a "bit more sluggish" then it ought to be according to the doctor. Then today they did a cardiac cath and a heart biopsy, which once he came back he told me that "it was pretty cool to watch." NO THANK YOU! Mom waited in his room for him to come back. At this point Dr. Fowler told him that everything was as he assumed it would be. Not sure what that means exactly and I hope that he comes in soon to explain that. :) We will have to wait a bit for the results of the biopsy. They are going to start him on Dubutamine later today or tomorrow, and that can only be given through a central line or a PIC line, since he doesn't have a central line already they will start a PIC line in his arm so that they can start him on that particular heart medicine.

We had a nice long talk today with the transplant social worker and went through all of the logistics of that and what to be prepared for during that process, right now it looks like that is the way we will be going, but we will know more after the tests are done.

I will post again today if there are any big changes.

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  1. Do they have a measurement of ejection fraction yet?

    Thinking of everyone!!