Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big sigh...

Apparently David is supposed to be discharged today from the hospital, but as of 7pm he still hadn't been... his white count and other blood tests were elevating at a good pace so they feel comfortable letting him go back to his room with some conditions. They are still running tests and waiting for test results for what could have dropped his white count and other items, but we have not gotten those results back yet. It could have been something to do with his medicines as well so they have messed with those and have lowered and changed some of the medications around.

Doug gets to my mom's house on Thursday night and we will all leave again on Friday morning to be down in San Diego with him this weekend. Doug wants to meet and talk to some of the staff down there and we all want to sit down with David and have a serious talk with him about his future and managing his care from now on. It is imperative that he gets a handle on it and stops fighting the changes that this new heart has brought to him. I know through God's grace it will happen, he has an awesome support system around him to help him and guide him.

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