Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back in the hospital....

I need to give you an update on David, I will do this in the best "time" frame that I know so you all are informed and know how to pray.

On Thursday at his appointment with the new doctor in San Diego David admitted to not feeling 100% earlier in the week, but he was feeling better at that time. The doctor said he wanted to run some basic blood tests so he could get a better feel of Davids condition and to see if there was anything going on because David had not been feeling well. When I say not feeling well it means he was light headed, dizzy, no appetite, lethargic, and just yucky feeling.

I saw David on Friday afternoon at noon and hugged him goodbye, we parted ways at that point. The Navy and Bonnie (Stanfords Nurse) called me at 2:30pm and told me that they needed to get a hold of David ASAP because they had just gotten the results of his blood work back and his white count had dropped significantly and to the point that they were very worried and wanted to run more tests. Apparently with his white count being that low he was at an extreme risk for infection.

Yesterday at 2pm they admitted David back into the hospital because overnight his blood count had once again dropped significantly and they were very worried about what could be going on and the fact that he could be at a high risk of exposure and infection. He is in an isolated room and I saw him finally last night at around 10pm. They are doing blood work continually and still do not have an answer. Yesterday they gave him a shot to fool his body into making white blood cells. This afternoon they did a chest xray and saw that he still has the spot on the lung that he has had since right after transplant. So because of that they also did a CT SCAN of his lungs to compare to the last one that they did at Stanford.

Once again my life is a waiting game, I came back to my moms today to wait this part out. Once we know what we are dealing with I will make some decisions from there. We really need prayers here, one for answers, and also David needs prayers so that he can start dealing with his condition in a more healthy way. He is in both denial and anger right now, and it is not healthy at all.

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  1. David... we are so sorry to hear of the setback... we have been checking the blog and hoping that no news was great news... we are praying that this is only a bump in the road!

    Navy Mom