Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Charity that we have chose....

For those of you wanting to make a donation this is the organization that we have chosen:

"Patient Assistance Fund for Heart Transplant Patients"

Our particular experience this past year resulted in 4.2 million in medical bills, none of which we had to pay for because of military insurance. It also cost close to $42,000 to live there for the 7 months and take care of David and other needs such as hotels, meals, gas, and other things that insurance does not cover. None of that would have been possible for us if we didn't have the Navy helping us. Most of the other patients that have to go through this DO NOT have military insurance or financial help from the Navy. Can you imagine coming up with that much money when a loved one is an ill? Most care takers and/or patients quit their jobs because of this illness and have no income coming in.

Because of this, we feel strongly to donate to this particular fund. This fund helps patients pay for things such as after transplant care, medicine, and etc. Transplant patients take over $8000 in medicine every month, most patients have to pay 50% of that. Each post transplant clinic visit is $14500, that is once a month for the first year, most people have to pay at least 20-60% of that total.

If you are inclined to make a donation to this fund below is the information on how to do so. When making the donation please include in either the memo section or somewhere else in the check, "In the Name of David Kennedy".

Patient Assistance Fund

“Please make memorial donations to the Heart Transplant Patient Assistance Fund at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Checks should be made out to SHC and sent to Stanford Hospital & Clinics, c/o Kim Standridge, 750 Welch Road, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94304.”

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  1. Dear Kennedy Family,

    With deepest regard to your family on the loss of David. I didnt know him personally but my son was on his ship. David now is in a better place where he doesnt have to suffer any longer. On behalf of our family we will make a donation to Patient Assistance Fund in his memory. Will be keeping your family in our prayers.
    Navy Mom