Friday, December 25, 2009

Side Effects

Some of the side effects of being on the Bypass Machine for too long are starting to rear their ugly face...

Over the night and morning Dave started bleeding from the leg which the bypass is hooked up too, because of the blood loss they started having to do transfusions. They can't do transfusions for too long so this morning they did an in room surgery/procedure to start repairing that damage. That damage is now under control, but his kidneys are now starting to fail and they have started dialysis.

We just talked to the doctors and they have told us that David is failing and fast, he is not responding to the measures they are taking, and the next 24 hours will be critical. He is less likely to handle a transplant today then he was yesterday, and tomorrow the chances will be very slim.

Today we need a heart... today.


  1. Our family is praying for David, for a new heart and for you,his mom, and family. My son, Keith, one of David's Machinist Mate co-workers from the USS Boxer, is heading over to Stanford as I write this. He has an eight hour drive ahead of him and I pray for his safety in getting to David. He wants to be by David, even if he can't be in the same room, he just wants to be by David.

  2. We looked for Keith in the waiting rooms, but couldn't find him. I'm sure Dave would have been happy to know that a friend from the ship was near. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    Dave's Dad.

  3. Doug,
    Thank you for checking for Keith, he was on his way to the hospital when he got the news of David's passing. Unfortunately he was not able to make it in time, but David was continually in his thoughts and will always remain.
    Keith's Mom - Bonnie